Fermeture de Vacances - Summer Holidays!

Fermeture de Vacances - Summer Holidays!

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15g of Protein | 1g of sugar per muffin

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$7.95 flat shipping fees to Ontario & Quebec* (Order +$49)

Product Review: Delicious Gluten-Free Bakery, Baked2GO, is a winner!


I was recently sent a box full of delicious gluten-free treats from Baked2GO, a gluten-free bakery based in Montreal. As you can see, I received a wide sampling of breads, bagels, croissants, Madeleines and brownies.

On taste and texture, these products really hit the mark. To put everything to the test, I refrigerated all the cookie items and froze all the bread items once they arrived at my house. Over the next couple weeks, I would dip into a new product to sample it and see how well it fared in storage.

One of my favourite items is the bagel (4 for $4.95). I admit, I ate one of these fresh out of the bag (ok… so I didn’t freeze ALL of them right away!) and it was soft and didn’t crumble one bit. The others went from freezer to toaster oven on a 300F for a couple minutes, and they were just as fresh as the first.

I generally treat breads as a side to my main dish, and this certainly gave a nice finishing touch to my baked trout over a bed of organic onions and fennel.

Baked trout with organic onions and fennel


On the science and nutrition front, it was refreshing to see many more wholesome ingredients included in all their products, including organic brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, psyllium (for added fibre and binding qualities), chickpea flour (also another great binding ingredient for gluten-free baking) and more. The sugar load is generally quite low on all the savoury breads, with the highest sugar load (11g) on the brownie. As with all prepared foods, they are best enjoyed in moderation and as part of a balanced meal, with treats enjoyed on the rare special occasion.

But for those times where you want to add that crunchy and soft texture of bread to a meal, Baked2GO is definitely a great choice. The bakery has a strict allergen policy for gluten, tree nuts, peanuts an sesame, and also helps consumers choose wisely with high protein, sugar-free and gluten-free options.

While the bakery is located in Montreal, shipping is only 25 cents anywhere in Ontario and Quebec on orders over $39Visit bakedtogo.ca to discover it for yourself!