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15g of Protein | 1g of sugar per muffin

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Gluten Free Bread Premix (5kg)

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Gluten Free Bread Premix & Recipe

Bake your own GF Baked2GO Bread!

Gluten free bread premix for great texture, softness and taste. Now you can have your own homemade fresh Baked2GO GF bread. A easy 10 steps recipe for a great gluten free bread. The box contains enough premix flour to make 15 loaves.

Click Here to Download our 10 steps Recipe

  • 5 Kg of Baked2GO Premix
  • Shipped in a 10x10x6 box with a liner inside
  • Content can make 15 white bread loaves
  • Simple and easy recipe (Download Here)
  • Impressive texture, holds very well grilled or not.
Contains: Egg. May Contain Almonds.