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15% off on all our breads!

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15g of Protein | 1g of sugar per muffin

16g of Protein | 2g of sugar per cookie

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3 Reasons Why Our High Protein Muffins Are The Perfect Office Snack

1. Proven satiety

Our proprietary blend of proteins is designed for a slow and balanced rate of digestion, providing you with a steady feeling of fullness throughout your day. With 12g of protein in each muffin, our high-protein line keeps you energized and prevents unnecessary snacking trips to the vending machine, and energy crashes.

2. Low in sugar

The key to staying alert and concentrated throughout the day is controlling your sugar intake. Our muffins contain only 2g of sugar, which helps you avoid any sugar crash that so often causes fatigue and headaches.

3. Controlled calories

Controlling your daily caloric intake is a key factor for staying in shape or losing weight. Our muffins contain only an everage of 140 calories, compared to 250+ calories in the average chocolate bar.


High Protein Muffins from Baked2GO

Snack smarter with Baked2GO

Unconscious snacking between meals is often a reason for weight-gain. But it can be a challenge to find a reliable, protein-rich snack that provides balanced satiety and isn’t packed with sugar and calories. In order to overcome the afternoon lull, we have developed the ultimate office snack to help you fight off hunger and stay full, focused, and energized until your next meal.

Discover our High Protein Office Snack collection

These delicious muffins are high in protein, low in sugar, and (of course) gluten free. With a range of tasty flavours, these muffins are the perfect mid-afternoon snack to guide you through the rest of the afternoon.

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