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    (This post is the second of a 3-part series on Gluten-Free bakeries in Montreal)

    Baked2Go is the brainchild of food scientist Ziad Khoury. He opened the bakery in November 2013 with the goal of offering gluten-free baked goods that are also health conscious. “What many people don’t realize,” Ziad tells me, “is that many gluten-free products on the market are loaded with added sugar, fat and salt to compensate for flavour. Baked2Go’s aim is to offer gluten-free baked goods that taste amazing and are good for you as well.”

    All of the products they offer are free of gluten, peanuts, sesame and tree nuts. They have easily identifiable labelling to indicate which foods are also Dairy-Free, Low Sugar, Soy Free, Egg Free, High Protein, etc…. Their high protein line includes lemon cookies and chocolate cake (pictured below), all of which contain 10g of protein and less than 2g of sugar per portion. Baked2Go has a variety of offerings, including baguettes, bagels, madelaines and other cakes. They also provide next-day delivery for customers who are out of town.


    Baked2GO_05 Baked2GO_04 Baked2GO_03


    Perhaps their greatest claim-to-fame is their gluten-free croissant. Since gluten is the protein in wheat that gives dough its elasticity, it also helps the dough rise and contributes to an airy mouthfeel. Logically, then, a good croissant depends heavily on the gluten networks in the dough…. or that was how bakers used to think. After being open for only a few months, Baked2Go was approached by Robert Nitti, a gentleman who wanted to find a gluten-free croissant to give to his girlfriend on her birthday. He called bakeries in Montreal, New York, Ottawa and Toronto, all of which told him that it simply couldn’t be done; the gluten-free croissant was like a unicorn or a dragon, a mythical creature of legend.

    The food chemists at Baked2Go wouldn’t be daunted, however. They experimented with different formulae and various batches before getting just the right consistency. Now they make delicious and buttery gluten-free croissants every Saturday and Sunday mornings. They’re closed tomorrow, so hurry down and get one today!


    Baked2GO_10 Baked2GO_12


    Baked2Go Advanced Bakery

    4255 Boul. Saint Laurent
    Montreal, Quebec


    Monday  Closed
    Tuesday  8h to 18h
    Wednesday 8h to 18h
    Thursday 8h to 19h
    Friday 8h to 19h
    Saturday 9h to 17h
    Sunday 11h to 17h  


    Photos © Nicole K.