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    The GF BFF: Gluten-Free in Montreal: Baked to Go

    Baked to Go Bagels

    I am no longer buying frozen gluten-free bread. Baked to Go is a 100% gluten-free bakerya few minutes from my house on St Laurent above Rachel. To say it’s amazing to have a gluten-free bakery around the corner is an understatement. It’s even more amazing that all their  rolls, bagels, croissants and breads are soft and delicious. The products are fresh enough to eat as is but they also taste great toasted or from the freezer. I much prefer to freeze their bread than buy overpriced freezer burnt bread at the health food store. To add to all this goodness, their products are also affordable considering they are gluten-free.

    I personally prefer their bread products. The sweets I tried were good but I can make cookies and brownies at home. It’s bread that I am too lazy to attempt. Their bagels are the best gluten-free made in Montreal bagels I have tried. They were fresh enough that I was able to eat them untoasted two days after buying them, which anyone who is gluten-free would know is a gluten-free miracle. Their croissants are obviously not exactly like the real deal but are pretty close and very delicious. Their fresh rolls (hamburger buns) were amazing with a little butter. I haven’t had a roll that soft and normal since I first went gluten-free over 10 years ago.

    I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the downtown area or you can order some of their products online.

    4255 Boul. Saint Laurent
    Montreal, Quebec
    H2W 1Z4, Canada
    Tél: 514-844-3232

    Baked to Go