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    Miche de pain

    Bagels graines de pavot

    Mini baguettes

    Petits pains vegan

    Pains hamburger vegan

    Dinner rolls vegan

    15g de protéines | 1g de sucre par muffin

    18g de protéines | 3g de sucre par biscuit

    Mélange de pain Baked2GO (5kg)

    Mélange de crêpes protéinées (500g)

    Extending the shelf life of your bread (Video)

    All our breads are shipped fresh.

    We have researched and done dozens of tests and iterations to achieve s specific desired texture in our breads. We can safely say that our breads can be frozen for up to 2 months, but the most important is after thawing they perfectly maintain that texture and integrity without crumbling or having other undesired issues.