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Sugar content in gluten-free snacks

Does your GF muffin contain too much sugar?

Gluten-free snacks are often criticized for their high sugar contents, understandably since gluten-free cakes/muffins often end-up with more sugar than a similar product made with wheat flour. As you can imagine sugar plays an important role as a texturant in gluten-free pastries.

But how much sugar does an average gluten-free muffin contain? No less than 20-25g of sugar per portion or to help you better visualize: 5 to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

The most recent recommendations pertaining sugar intake by the World Health Organization** aim for a maximum daily intake of 50g of added sugars for an adult (roughly 10% of one’s daily energy intake). No need to wait until the dangers of sugar are further clinically proven to reach for lower- in-sugar snacks.

Looking to reduce your sugar intake in on-the-go snacks?

Baked2GO offers tasty, single-portion option options, packed individually to maintain their freshness. Our mini-cake line contains 10g of sugar or less per portion, roughly 50% of that found in an equivalent GF muffin:

Everyone knows that it’s sometimes difficult to resist the urge for a sweet snack. With an equivalent-sized Baked2GO cake you have the option of easily reducing your sugar intake.

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