15% off on all our breads!

15% off on all our breads!

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15g of Protein | 1g of sugar per muffin

16g of Protein | 2g of sugar per cookie

Gluten Free Bread Premix (5kg)

GF High Protein Pancakes Premix (500g)

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About Us

Who is Baked2GO?
Baked2GO is a bakery in Montreal that started with the idea of narrowing the gap between conventional baked goods and gluten-free products. Our journey started in 2013 when two food science graduates from McGill University with years of industry expertise set off to make Montreal's first high-quality gluten-free bakery.
How do you make such amazingly soft bread?
Some think it's the types of flour. Others think it's the ingredients. In reality it's a combination of both, paired with patience, continuous research, creativity, rigorous attention to detail, and the years of experience in the domain of food science that our team holds.
Can you notify me when you add new products to your lineup?
Enter your email at the bottom of this page to stay up to date on new products, special offers, and more!

Ordering & Shipping

How long does it take to receive my order?
It depends where you're located. Generally orders are delivered  18hrs after shipping in the Montreal area, 24hrs in the Toronto area, and up to 48hrs for other, further regions. For more information on shipping visit the Shipping page.
Is your payment secure?
Yes. We use industry leader Authorize.net to process our payments. Authorize.net utilizes industry-leading technologies and protocols, such as 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and they're compliant with government regulations and industry security initiatives.
Help - the product that I want is out of stock!
Sometimes we receive more orders than anticipated and our team has to spend a few extra early mornings in production to catch up with any items that may be out of stock. If that is the case please check back in a 3-4 days.
Will I receive my order fresh?
All our products ordered online are shipped very shortly once they've cooled down after they are taken out of the oven. Our goal is to get our products from our ovens to your home as quickly and freshly as possible.
Where do you deliver to?
We deliver eveywhere in Canada and the US. We ship with Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, and UPS. If they can reach you, so can our products!
Can I track my order?
Yes, you will receive a tracking code by email once you place your order.
What if I am not at home?
If you don't think you'll be home to receive your package, you can add a note during checkout to authorize Canada Post to leave the package at your doorstep. Otherwise Canada Post will leave a note at your door indicating the nearest post office where you can pick up your package.


Are Baked2GO products organic?
We work hard to ensure that we use organic ingredients whenever possible, and many of our products are made with 60% organic ingredients. That said, we are limited by the constraints of gluten-free ingredients so our products are not certified organic just yet.
Are all your ingredients gluten free?
Yes, 100%. All of the flours we use come directly from suppliers who are just as dedicated as we are to producing gluten-free products.
I have a dairy intolerance. Do you make any dairy-free products?
All of our breads are made without dairy products. We also have a line of delicious dairy-free cakes and cookies, all of which you can find here.
Where can I find the allergen and nutritional information?
We strive to bake all of our products with a simple array of quality, nutritionally-vetted ingredients. Every one of our product pages contains the ingredient list, nutritional information, and relevant allergen details.
Are any products containing gluten made in your facilities?
No, we do not permit any products that contain gluten to set foot in our premises at any time
Do you make vegan products?
Yes, we bake our famous vegan loaf and vegan buns made with chia and flax seeds. They are soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free, and (of course) gluten-free! See them here.
What type of flour do you use?
Depending on the product, we use a myriad of different flours for optimal taste and texture, including buckwheat, organic brown rice, organic potato, chickpea, corn, chia, etc…
Are there nuts or peanuts in your production facilities?
No, Baked2GO does not use any ingredients that contain or have been in contact with nuts or peanuts.


What is the shelf life of the products?
Our advanced making process gives our products a solid shelf life that remains unaffected by shipping time. While shelf life varies by item, most of our breads and mini-cakes keep well for 7 to 10 days. For more information about a specific product, please refer to its webpage for details.
For how long do the bread products remain soft and tasty?
Our breads can be enjoyed fresh for over a week - no toaster or freezer necessary! That said, if you would like to store them for longer our breads have been crafted to retain their freshness and taste after being frozen for up to several months.
Should I freeze my products upon reception?
It's up to you - if you plan on keeping your products for longer than 9 days then we recommend freezing them in a sealed bag. Our products freeze incredibly well and maintain their fresh texture and taste after thawing.
How should I store my products?
In order to ensure your products retain their freshness and quality, we recommend you keep them in their bags in a cool dry place.
Why do you use plastic packaging?
We strive to ensure all of our products are prepared and baked with the highest quality ingredients and equipment. For this reason we use simple, clean packaging to keep our products fresh as they are delivered from our ovens to your homes.
Do you make birthday cakes?
Unfortunately we don't make birthday cakes or other special requests at the moment.