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Miche de pain

Bagels graines de pavot

Mini baguettes

Petits pains vegan

Pains hamburger vegan

Dinner rolls vegan

15g de protéines | 1g de sucre par muffin

18g de protéines | 3g de sucre par biscuit

Mélange de pain Baked2GO (5kg)

Mélange de crêpes protéinées (500g)

We Ship to the US

We ship to the US

Why you should order from us?



  • Amazing taste! You won’t believe us, even if we tell you.

  • Solid packing! Orders are packed with care in solid cardboard boxes to handle the journey to you.

  • Yes it will reach you in good shape!Our advanced baking process gives our products a solid shelf life that remains unaffected by a regular shipping transit time.

  • It’s cheap! Our prices are in Canadian dollars, due to the current USD/CAD exchange rate you get an almost 25% discount when buying in US dollar!