De très bon pains sans-gluten, moelleux et expédiés frais

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Miche de pain

Bagels graines de pavot

Mini baguettes

Petits pains vegan

Pains hamburger vegan

Dinner rolls vegan

15g de protéines | 1g de sucre par muffin

18g de protéines | 3g de sucre par biscuit

Mélange de pain Baked2GO (5kg)

Mélange de crêpes protéinées (500g)


Gluten Free Bread

Fresh, not frozen

Freshly baked gluten free bread shipped to your door in Ontario and Quebec

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    "Baked2Go has changed the way we eat allergen-free sandwiches, croissants, hamburgers, etc."

    - Diala H.

    "Best gluten free bread and croissants I have ever had in my life. Fresh, soft, flavourful, you won’t believe they’re gluten free!"

    - Tanya M.